Keeping a healthy body is the ultimate perfection to achieve, and is equally time demanding. So make sure to give it that time for an invaluable healthy regime that will assuredly flush out all the toxics from the system. What’s inside is what is visible on face, and thus a naturally glowing skin is only a few Yogasanas away which is an absolute trick to help increase blood circulation and resulting radiance on facial skin.



A very known and the most doable asana is the best way to achieve a healthy glow on skin. This posture requires comparatively less efforts, two legs crossed and placed over each other. Padma means lotus and reflects a meditative posture, while a saying goes that practicing it on a daily basis gives radiance like lotus petals. Equally stress free, it boosts the mental peace too.



On the floor, sit with legs stretched on the front and slowly focus your body towards the right buttock and start bending your knees. Finally, while tucking your legs to left side, with your right hand on the floor shift your torso on the right, all gently. Maintain the posture for around 60 seconds, and repeat it again on the opposite side. Doing this position five times a day helps detoxicate the body and recover the natural skin glow for a longer period.




Also known as plow pose, this asana ensures renewal of physical and mental peace. Doing it regularly is a wonderful way to build up the entire body system towards rejuvenation. Lie down on the floor, stretch hands and legs in a horizontal manner, then lift up legs keeping the waist firm and hands under hips to get 90 degree angle. Finally your legs should have a 180 degree angle bending it towards your head.



Perfect posture for getting your facial and throat muscles toned for a young looking skin, the appearance becomes relatively smooth and finer. Lie straight on your back, keep your legs and hands beside your body loose and relaxed. While your hands are below your hip, your elbows should be close to each other.  Inhale slowly and have your chest and head up and then bring it down. Repeat every day for 5-10 minutes for a naturally healthy skin regime.




A very popular asana pose that comes naturally and perfectly with enough practice, is where you rest your body weight on the head touching the floor/mat. This upside down posture however a little difficult in the beginning is an assured method to accelerate your blood circulation, hence enhancing your skin all the more.



Again a known, basic and easiest asana to carry out, it helps to maintain the breathing while imparting natural glow to the skin, plus it also benefits proper digestion. Simply sit with your back straight and legs crossed on the floor, then inhale a deep breath and exhale quickly. For beginning, start with 25-30 times, and keep increasing the count gradually.




Start with standing straight and having your feet placed wide and apart, then stretch your left leg a little back turning the right foot forward. Basically, the entire body weight should be balanced on the feet. Doing it regularly and with appropriate pose helps balancing oxygen flow, glow and physical flexibility which comes along with refreshed senses.


Before commencing with any of these, make sure to consult for a professional suggestion, which might overall guide you with the entire process of doing asanas.

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