Finding a perfect bridesmaid dress can be a very challenging and tough task as it is so hard to please everyone. So guys! Today I have decided to ease the angst of this process by providing you with four of the best tips to keep the bride as well as all the members of the bridal party happy.

1. Make Sure They Complement The Bride’s Wedding Dress

First you need to be sure about your wedding dress, will it be modern, boho, classic or vintage? You need not be all matchy but the bridesmade dresses should complement your wedding dress and should fit the vibe.


2. Choose Bridesmaid Dresses Which Are Comfortable For All

Though I know it is impossible to cater to everyone’s need and preferences but all I am asking here is to be mindful of everyone’s comfort zone as everyone has different body type and style preferences.

3. Keep The Budget Reasonable

As this is one of the wedding expenses your friends are supposed to cover there can be some contention throughout the shopping process. Be clear from the beginning about your expectations and about what your friends can or can’t afford. If you want to keep things in budget I would suggest you guys this amazing website bmbridal.


4. Choose The Color Wisely

Choosing the color of the bridesmaid dresses can be a very tricky thing. Keep in mind your wedding colors and overall aesthetic, your bridesmaid’s skin tone and the season while deciding the color of the dresses.


Hope these above tips will reduce your shopping anxiety a tad bit and will help you decide about your perfect bridesmaid dress 🙂 .


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