Many of us think it’s unnecessary to have an entirely separate collection of clothes for just sleeping. Most of the girls find it okay to wear anything if going to hit the bed. It’s not really important what we wear. But for a girl like you who lives for fashion and understands the importance of comfortable clothes for sleep, it is important to pick the right night dress to look like a princess even while sleeping.

So here we are at your service, listing the best of nightdresses you can pick for utmost comfort. 

1. Cotton Nighties For Summers: 

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During hot summers, cotton nighties feel like heaven. They are the most preferable ones to overcome the heat, that to its breathability. 

Isn’t summer the only time where you all want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. And if you ask any woman about the dress that is most comfortable in summer, the answer would be nighties undoubtedly. Because with all that sweat, power cuts it’s impossible to deal with any other attire all day long. But when it comes to nighties they are loose, airy and comfortable like no other attire. These summer nighties come in a wide variety of patterns, colours, styles and fabrics.

2. Woollen Nighties for Winters: 

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The cold breeze makes my feet numb, all I need is a cosy comforter, some hot chocolate and a warm sleep dress. I’m sure just like me, even you would like to stay warm and cosy during those chilly winter night. Check out these woollen nighties that come in different styles, sizes and fabrics. Pick a longer length of nighties that have full or three-fourth sleeve length. During winters, you must wear warm clothes for a cosy & peaceful sleep to protect you from cold breezes.

3. For Date Nights:

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Whether you are a bride-to-be or a fashionable young girl. Babydolls are your one-way ticket to a sexy bedroom look. Crafted with butter-soft satin fabric or sexy sheer ones to raise the temperature of your bedroom. These babydolls are designed in super sultry ways to accentuate your assets and make you feel beautiful inside out. They are sexy, comfortable and the best pick for any girl who wants to look stylish. They are adorned with lace detailing with frills and ruffles to add a romantic touch to your look. These babydolls are available in vibrant colours like red, blue pink that give a touch of flirtiness and youthfulness to your collection. Add a tint of such attires to make your special night even more romantic and memorable for life.

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4. Nighty & Robe Set: 

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 Thinking about what nightdress can be sexy yet modest? This two-piece nighty is all you need for a comfortable sleep. This set comprises of a short satin nighty and a matching robe. This silky and soft satin fabric gives you a comfortable feeling and makes you wake up fresh the next morning. The spaghetti style nightdress has exquisite lace fabrics along the cups and the satin robe has strings on either side to tie-up. This is one set that looks sexy (without the robe) and modest (with the robe). It is a very practical nightdress option for women who stay in joint families. 

5. Sleep Tee:

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Sleep tees are the coolest night dresses ever! The t-shirt like silhouette makes it look more like a casual dress and makes for a perfect pick for lounging or running errands. These sleep tees from Clovia come in super cute prints and have pockets on either side to keep your knick-knacks. 

Picking right clothes for sleep is also as important as getting ready for an occasion. It is important for women to wear the most comfortable clothes during night time. To lead a healthy living along with nutritious, a super peaceful sleep is crucial. For a good nap clothing matters a lot. As our health is emotionally and mentally connected with sleep one must emphasize on wearing the right kind of fabric for a comfortable sleep. 

Check out a wide variety of nightwear at Clovia or explore jockey if you’re looking for boxer shorts and sleep camis while Marks & Spencer is best for luxury satin sleepwear. 


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