These Are The 8 Best Make-up Brands For Dark Skin Beauties

Earlier, the major and minor beauty brands more often than not catered to the fair skin tone, ignoring the darker skin tone to themselves, without any specific product suitable for their complexion. This lead to them compromising on their makeup routine and use what was available, lacking in the blending factor, be it a primer, foundation or suchlike products. Recently, various brands have now started to expand this narrow margin in to a wider one, offering skin tone specific options in the make-up category, a boon in itself for the majority of ladies out there! Keeping this much needed introduction in the beauty industry, we have especially compiled a helpful list of 8 make up brands worthy of getting included in the beauty regime of gorgeous dark skinned divas-

  1. Nars-


One of the most premium brands in the market is Nars and is popular for its extensive range of products of multiple tones, shades and formulas. They are ready to become your cult favorite as they store effectively created satin and matte finish makeup treasures, to brighten up your mood in no time.


  1. Make Up For Ever-


Beauty fanatics always have this brand in their collection because of its qualitative presence in the market. From availability, ingredients, durability to its silky soft finish, it is worthy of being a part of even a professional’s vanity. Their every product has numerous shades perfect for any type of complexion!


  1. Clinique-


A very feasible and a famous beauty brand, Clinique has evidently widened its range, which means that even the dark beauties can now shop from their collection unregrettably. They have something for everyone’s needs like for hydration, pigmentation, oil control, various options for undertones etc.


  1. Lancôme-


Identified as a rather luxe name in the makeup industry, Lancome justifies its presence with a for-all range of products. Reveling in such an eminent brand would only be a pure bliss, why should the dark skin anyway be made to long for it? Lancome has the expertise to highlight and enrich the darker tones. A recent addition to Lancome family has 16 radiant shades, in matte and shimmer. What more can one ask for?

  1. L’Oreal


If not a very extensive range of products for dark skin tones, L’Oreal still offers you pretties true match foundation to settle all your worries for the upcoming makeup session. It claims to be the perfect match for your skin tone, blends effectively while enhancing it with vitamin A and C and oil free formulation.


  1. Bobbi Brown-


A brand known for its classy collection which we’ve all heard of and also want to have it all in our personal collection, Bobbi brown has made available stick foundation for even the dark skin ladies, to take their makeup game a notch up. The darkest shade is called Espresso, and comes with slight sparkle to give you a glowing look all day long.

  1. Mac-


Needs no introduction, Mac now is an easily available brand while bringing the best in the makeup game. Full of vibrant and vivid shades, it has high pigmentation and manages to have a very broad range in its products. Its products are all well matched for darker skin tones, such as Paint pots offering 16 color range.


  1. Bare Minerals-


It is pleasing to see this quality brand add numerous option to its product shades, which is a beauty boon to dark skin toned lovelies. Their finish and texture is spot on, with balanced radiance for everyone. They ingeniously make the natural look effortless with their assortment.


You must get your hands on these diversely exclusive brands, which cater to a large section of makeup enthusiasts not limited to any skin tone or type. Fortunately, the market is seeing the finest of brands getting the best of products for the convenience of ladies out there, so get shopping already!


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