5 In-Trend Short Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Hey all! We all know teenage is one of those tender ages when every girl loves to look pretty and want to impress other by her beauty. One such beauty enhancers for teenage girls is their hairstyle. At this age most of the girls are not much aware of the fashion trends, types of haircut, which haircut suits which face cut n all?
At the teenage, bob and pixie haircuts are one the best suitable haircuts. Keeping this thing in mind, today we are here with 5 gorgeous and in-trend short-hairstyles that a teenage girl can flaunt.
Round Edges:
Round edges hairstyle For Teenage Girls
For a neat and sleek look, you can go for a round edges haircut. If you have a thin or long face cut then this round edge hairstyle is for you.
Pointy Short Bob Hairstyle:
Pointy shot bob hairstyle For Teenage Girls
This Short Bob Hairstyle is a medium length hairstyle that would give a very classy and cute look. If you can add highlights and sharp edges then this hairstyle would be one of the best hairstyle for teenage girls.
Pixie Cut hairstyle For Teenage Girls
Pixie cut is one of the cutest hairstyles. If you have thin hair then you can opt for this one as this gives fuller look to hair.
Loose Curls:
Loose Girls hairstyle For Teenage Girls
This loose curly hairstyle gives a great illusion of short hair and lots of styles can be made with hair curlers. Use some bobby pins, hair sprays to create the desired look.
Random Layers:
Random layers hairstyle For Teenage Girls
When a little twist is given to a classy pixie cut the random layers come into the picture. It has pointy style at the edges to give more stylish look.
So, girls! Let us know which short hairstyle you would love to carry?
Image Credit: Pinterest, Marie Claire

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