Some Quick Guidelines for Selecting Hair Combs/Brushes

We all use hair accessories like comb, clips, bands etc. but we seldom think about some essentials that need to be kept in mind while purchasing or selecting such hair accessories. Today we are here with some guidelines that needs to be kept in mind while selecting hair combs/brushes. Here we go:

Girl Combing Her Hair with comb


  • You should avoid using nylon bristle brushes as they are sometimes quite hard for hair.
  • If you are selecting that perfect comb for your hair then do opt for those combs which have rough edges.
  • In case you have dry hair then semi radial brush is best for you.
  • If you have normal hair then use a full radial brush.
  • In case you have greasy hair or a combination hair then opt for a flat paddle shape brush.
  • For thin hair, use natural bristle brush.
  • For thick hair, use half-nylon and half-natural bristle brush.

Hope you like these quick tips for hair accessories. Any suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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