How To Clean up Your Hair Comb/Brushes

It is very important to clean what you wear and always be tidy and hygienic. Same holds true for hair accessories like Hair brushes/combs. As I have already discussed the guidelines for selecting hair combs/brushes so it’s time to discuss the cleaning process of the same.

How To Clean up Your Hair Comb/Brushes


For cleaning up your brush you can opt for a tooth brush or a comb cleaner. You should go for a tepid water and a mild shampoo for cleaning up the same. Make sure that you clean up the comb thoroughly and no hint of shampoo is left over the comb. It’s better to rinse the comb in its final rinse with a few drops of Dettol. This will disinfect the comb. Alternatively, you can go for a few drops of ammonia in a mug of water and then rinse the brush.

You can also dunk the hair comb/brush into a solution of soap suds. This will not weaken the bristles of your comb. Using of harsh detergent or a rub soap may weaken the bristles of your comb so it should be avoided as much as possible.

Use these simple steps and make your hair comb/brush long lasting.


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