In today’s interconnected world, encountering viral videos mocking fashion choices across generations is almost inevitable. The internet buzzes with critiques of ‘millennial trends,’ showcasing fashion faux pas involving ripped jeans, arched eyebrows, and ankle-length boots. Yet, are these really generational fads or just prevalent American trends?

While it’s entertaining to poke fun at older generations’ fashion sense, it’s a two-way street. As a young person, I recall receiving subtle jabs at my style, much like the playful banter I witnessed aimed at older individuals.

However, what’s less common is older generations engaging with or acknowledging these discussions, despite the irony of dissecting this in a Vogue article. As a ’90s-born millennial, the styles of a 19-year-old shouldn’t impact my choices. I aim to present myself age-appropriately, exuding a blend of youthfulness and life experience, striving for credibility.

There exists a misconception online that associates ‘older’ with ‘bad’ and ‘younger’ with ‘good,’ neglecting the essence of genuine style. Ageless icons like Tilda Swinton debunk this fallacy, effortlessly embracing fashion without tethering themselves to trends. True style, as embodied by Chloë Sevigny, transcends trend-chasing; it’s about individuality and confidence.


Generations evolve, with Gen-Z now edging toward their late 20s while Generation Alpha gears up. Fashion cycles endlessly, and no one remains impervious to its rhythm. However, my belief stands strong: no trend warrants unwavering commitment, irrespective of age.

The pinnacle of style often eludes the digital realm, residing in the spontaneity of real-life encounters—be it at gatherings, galleries, or music venues. Age becomes inconsequential in the presence of timeless, innovative style.

So, as a millennial, my aspiration is to emulate those who defy age barriers, embracing an ageless and effortlessly chic persona.

Discover why age should never define your style, and why true fashion lies beyond the confines of generational trends. Join the conversation on ageless style and redefine your fashion narrative.

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