Sheen on the face which requires a healthy upkeep is often identified as an oily skin type. Every individual has a different skin type, and all need care and a few steps to follow. Oily skin brings with it large pores, excessive sebum revealing a shiny surface urging the person to wash their face often, and when combined with daily makeup, pollution and harsh UV rays, the pores end up getting blocked. But this excessive oily skin can be controlled with an effective skin care routine. To summarize, not just daily cleansing, toning and exfoliation is a must but proper diet, least stress and an overall healthy routine helps to manage an oily skin type.

We will describe five major pointers and steps to keep the oily skin care routine simple yet effective.


Cleansing is an essential and the first step to keep the skin dirt free and keep the excess oil at bay. One can follow cleansing twice-thrice a day; like once in the morning, one during the day and finally one in the night. Gel or foam type cleansers make for a good choice while being sulfate-free and gentle on the face. If you suffer from a really oily skin, carry some blotting sheets to help absorb excess oil content during your work hours.




You’ve cleansed your face, but locking in hydration requires an alcohol-free toner, because toners with alcohol content increase the production of unwanted oils. Plus toners also keep your skin tone balanced and reduce visibility of spots.


Damaging UV rays only harm the skin, so take no risks and apply sunscreen religiously before heading out. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, this step shouldn’t be avoided as it may lead to long-term adverse effects on the skin.



It’s common to see people with oily skin type to refrain from using moisturizers, but it’s a wrong practice. You don’t want oil to resurface to compensate for the absence of moisture on skin, so use an oil-free moisturizer to keep the skin feeling healthy and hydrated.




Include food items rich in fibers and water content to help flush out toxins from the system, such as oats, lentils, chickpeas and cucumbers. Wholegrain breads instead of white bread, berries and nuts and fruits like bananas contribute to a healthy skin.


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