Sometimes luxury is an alternate of comfort and comes with some benefits of its own. If not a necessity, it offers convenience of living a relaxed life, tackling issues of every day concern. Now what kind of a luxury are we exactly talking about? A fabric which is soft to touch, glossy to see and indulging in its experience called silk. Silk has various types, and what truly symbolizes luxury of this fabric is the 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk and free of non-toxic dyes. China has had a history of the top-class silk, and our skin is the most comfortable with allergen and toxin free silk, purest in its form.



Beddings and sleep wear are two reasons to choose the purest silk from genuine hubs of highest grade silk like FreedomSilk. Choose from silk pillowcase, silk bedding, silk sleepwear and even accessories like eye masks, head bands, travel sets and more.

Invest in silk pillowcase for hair, why? I’ve heard it and you must have too, how silk is a boon for hair while sleeping because its sheer smooth texture doesn’t damage hair’s texture with friction. Freedom Silk has the finest mulberry silk crafted with the secrets of Chinese silk manufacturing and comes in envelope cases and zipper cases. They not only bring ease for hair, but also turn the bedding into a lavish spread of style and coziness, helping you sleep the instant you lie down on it.


Pair it up with mulberry silk bedding sheets to give a makeover to your bedroom in the most premium manner. From twin to queen and king sized sheets, you can pick from range of colors like white, black, green, pink, purple and more. Available as fitted sheets as well, the assortment offers very décor-appropriate bedding. The silk bed sheets work its magic of presenting the entire room with a luxurious and an eye-comforting look.

Not just silk bedding, but a host of sleepwear options are ready to be yours at Freedom Silk, like robes, camisoles, pajamas, nightgowns and night shirts. The best factor is you’ll see patterns and plains designed in a very fancy manner, a treat for sleep lovers right here. So what will you pick pillows, sheets, sleep wear or all of the silk goodness?

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