Healthy, highly beneficial and easily accessible is what green tea offers to individuals who love maintaining a fit routine. Its various efficiencies include anti-viral properties, anti-oxidants, anti-cavity goodness to start off a great beverage diet.


Due to its major benefits to skin and body, green tea helps to offer relief from skin issues, health issues seen pretty common these days, and also helpful in cutting down the likely risks of chronic and serious health issues. If you haven’t tried the effective green tea yet, you must grab your first cup soon, because it’s highly capable of doing wonders on your body.

  1. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Convenient way to reduce diabetic effects is having green tea, as its properties of polyphenols and polysaccharides keeps in check both the diabetes. Very instant in stimulating insulin into pancreas, green tea maintains blood sugar level while absorbing glucose. Any complications of blood sugar up and down is also eased by just involving this tea in your diet.

  1. Lessens Cholesterol Level


All the bad cholesterol in the blood is lowered and ratio well improved. It keeps the arteries flushed of any bacteria, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol boosting the digestive traction by blocking cholesterol absorption. All in all, heart diseases are kept at bay with green tea.

  1. Maintains Oral health

Green tea contains fluoride, polyphenols, catechins which effectually finish the bacterial presence in your tooth area. Decays, cavities, breath issues, gum diseases; all are definite to disappear with proper consumption of green tea regularly, one or more cups daily.

  1. Body Weight In Check


One cup green tea a day, your body fat will be in check and in shape. The properties of catechins present in green tea are great to burn extra calories as they generate heat in the system. And the polyphenol present in the tea builds up fat oxidation and how your body turns your consumption in calories.

  1. Regulates Healthy Brain Functioning

In a Swiss study done on benefits of green tea, it shows that these drinkers have a better and improved working memory. The plaques formation which is linked to illness like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are also blocked, reducing risks of such disorders. For this, one or two cups every day are sufficient.

  1. Weight Loss

Antioxidant properties in green tea increase the metabolism rate which in turn helps in proper weight loss. The fat cells comprising of fats are effectively mobilized and also boost fat burning hormonal effects. What’s more is that green tea works well to modulate the genes which are related to energy metabolism.

  1. Prevent Cancer Risk

It’s a very contributing factor of green tea that it helps in preventing types of cancers like of lung, skin, liver, breast, and pancreas and so on. The cancer cell creations are well prevented with green tea’s consumption and boost recovery. Research study claims that about 4 cups of green tea aids in cancer treatment.

  1. Digestive Power

The antioxidants present in the tea directly contribute in regulating good digestive health, which in turn maintains the entire system. Catechins slow the digestive enzymes work, which is for intestines to not absorb every calorie.  EGCG is one property in it which betters the colitis symptoms which is an inflammatory disorder wrecking the digestive functioning.

  1. Hangover In Check

High amount of anti-oxidants in green tea properly detoxifies liver and in turn makes a great curing partner for hangover. However it is always recommended strongly to get in touch with a doctor on how it should be consumed for hangover, as it was found that it causes liver toxicity in certain cases.

  1. Helps In Anti-Ageing



Anti-oxidants, and that’s all you need from green tea. A face mask made of green tea and honey is a perfect way to have its benefits. Mix honey and moistened green tea leaves and leave it applied on your face for about 15-20 minutes before washing your face with normal water.

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