High heels are not a lost word in today’s time; it has become a lifestyle for many women now. A symbol for sophistication, elegance and femininity, high heels are no less than a necessity. But it also is a major cause for sprains and pains to our feet, reaching its way to our back as well. If not taken into concern, this stylish craft can present some side effects of wearing High Heels which we’ve discussed below. Have a look-

  • Painful Lower Back

Not all things are comfortable yet fashionable, just like high heels. High heels can make matters a little worrisome too. They tend to push our posture forward more than keeping it normal and straight. So when the alignment of back due to heels gets compromised, one can suffer severe lower back pain. This doesn’t only mean pain for a long time but also a break from wearing heels.

  • Sprain In Ankles

Donning a classy pair of stilettoes but walking on uneven surfaces and going through jerks as well? That’s not a good sign and it comes with some side effects like an ankle sprain. It can cause you to trip over or tire your lower calves’ area, resulting in ankles suffering injury.


  • Damaged Ligaments

Not just outer injuries, heels are capable of weakening you from inside as well, and this is how ligaments suffer some wear and tear. Ligaments are tissues present as bands securing the bone structure together. The Tibiofibular ligaments allow legs to move, that is walking or climbing. Lateral ligaments on ankles’ sides are most prone to damage, so when ankles twist, the tissue bands get sprained. It is better to invest in lesser than 2-inch heel height and give fashion a new and safe look.


  • Injured Spinal Curve

Spine is a sensitive part of our body structure, and any mishap to it causes a lifelong distress. While the heels are instant enhancers, they cause the lower back to arch out, resulting in spinal distortion. The more the height of the heels, more is the pain causing arch.


  • Muscle and Tendon Pain

Leg cramps after wearing the high heels is a short-term issue, but the long term concern is the contraction of muscles in calves and back area. This is mostly observed during overuse of heels, like around four-five times a week. Make sure to massage your feet and wear platform shoes more often.

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